Blizzard Positively Cope with Battlenet Disconnection Issue Now

World of Warcraft is working fine now, but cannot access the desktop app or see friends online in the social tab. Have you found this issue? But don’t worry! Blizzard is trying their best to deal with it now. And you can still enjoy the game with world of warcraft gold cheap.
Blizzard’s positive responds appease nervous players effectively
When Battlenet is unavailable online, players posted it on reddit. Shockingly, Blizzard Customer Support Araxon replied soon that they have been on that case, and also reported out their latest moves on this issue.
Since at first Gnomes were scrambling with blowtorches, sparks everywhere, they had paid attentions on it. Several minutes later, there was less yelling and sparks, but players still had difficulties getting back in. half a quarter later, they made the all-clear done and felt sorry for the inconvenience.
After the reports, players felt ease, and Blizzard Customer Support can still make quick reply to players for any questions. An overwhelming number of people claimed they would rather to wait for the solutions.

People just need a respond rather than nothing
From this case, we clearly know that wow players always and just need a timely respond when something occasional happens in the game, instead of evading. Players just want to confirm that the devs are on the case, and thus, the game will return to normal as soon as possible.

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