Skyforge problem ALERT high-level exception

Falric smiled gratefully and bowed deeply in genuine respect, pulling off his gauntlets so the mug would warm his cold hands. Snow threatened, and the sky was a pale gray, but thus far the weather was clear. Arthas leaned against the wall, resting his chin on his folded arms. He looked out over the rolling white hills of Tirisfal, down the road that led through Silverpine Forest to Southshore. The road along which Anduin Lothar, the mage Khadgar, and Prince Varian would be traveling.

An exception is provided in Skyforge endgame group encounter, today players opened the door to explain this type of content.

Abnormal refers to the contents of five players – I’m sorry, five gods – who together have been known as a haven of refuge Tessa, and picked up the unclaimed resonator. Resonators “excursion of energy generated, which for unknown causes hostile creature”, one of the parties, then the task is eliminated. In the more enemies you within the scope of the resonator killed, a greater return. Exception has multiple levels, culminate the “heart”, one of the most challenging enemy waited.

The other statistics, so-called tactical awareness, will need to deal with exceptions, it sounds like any number of bear encounters require special high-level statistical data in other online games.

There is a problem, though: the other party may be in the area, trying to attract the monster resonator. This may lead to the opponent group, I certainly would not lead to any type of toxic behavior, murder, theft allegations competition, between vulgar abuse.

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