Stunned, Arthas turned and faced forward again, his hands gripping Steadfast’s mane. Stormwind! He had never been there, but had heard tales about it. It was a mighty place, with great stone walls and beautiful buildings. It had been built with sturdiness in mind, to withstand the buffeting of the fierce winds from which it had taken its name. To think that it had fallen—who or what could be strong enough to take such a city?

Very few of us like Founder’s Packs for games we haven’t even been able to play yet, but Path of Exile is showing that Founder’s Packs can be done well and will be bought up like crazy (even if some of the price points are a bit absurd) if you give players a good reason to buy them. Path of Exile’s good reason? They’ve proven that they have a good game and that their cash shop makes you want to spend money instead of needing to do so.

Today, Grinding Gear Games has announced that the Founder’s Packs being sold for their upcoming “The Awakening” update are exceeding their expectations sales wise. The free to play ARPG’s Founder’s Packs “have set multiple records within the Path of Exile community.”

In other Awakening additions news, Divination Cards are a new type of item that drops from monsters that players encounter while playing Path of Exile: The Awakening. Sets of cards can be traded later in the game for special items that are referenced on the cards.

With 11.5 million players worldwide, Path of Exile continues to be a game that many players bring up when the topic turns to “free to play done right.” Do you think the game fits that description?

If you want to buy a Founder’s Pack, head on over to the game’s store page.

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