Webzen introduced martial arts secret faction Age

WEBZEN, free-to-play games global developer and publisher, is pleased to announce that martial arts MMORPG, martial arts era will release its third expansion for March 10, 2015.

The introduction of new playable factions, a weather system, dynamic event and many other features, “Chapter 4: betrayal and forgiveness” will adventurer “loyalty test, because they get the chance, betray their peers a new faction, sect or become a vagrant.

From March 10, players will be able to give up their sect or join a six playable factions, one is the 7 remaining large denominations, or to continue its own way, free from the rules and teachings become truly homeless. Adventurers will be able to choose their own denominations to leave their current manner of different ways, each with its own advantages and inconveniences: betrayal, leaving the fastest way to a sect, but it caused a significant punitive in nature; downhill training, players have to ask permission and survive subsequent offense added six new one faction; or leave disguise, causing minimal penalty to leave the sect, but there is a daunting task for players to complete in order to earn free .

In addition, the era of martial arts team has revealed 36 secret factions: rootless clans, the shift took Palace and Peach Blossom Island. Each faction has its own story, characters and asked to join their ranks. If players fulfill them, a unique set of skills and capabilities specific to the camp will become available.

The first camp, rootless clans, eunuch had accumulated their wealth taxes conspiracy empire. Sensationalism abuse of the sword as a weapon they use, their main skills, take the focus squeeze their enemy’s life.

Changing Lihua Palace is a women-only camp, proficient art and beautiful surroundings. Although attracted by enticing setting, these girls are warriors as dangerous as they seek revenge on the person who wronged them. Using a ring as a weapon, it is based on their skills to dodge attacks and crowd control.

Last Secret faction found Peach Blossom Island, martial arts master retreat and isolation from worldly affairs, until their skills are needed again. Into this idyllic land assault is a price, because experts do not kill strangers by the residents ceremony. With a flute and a sword as a weapon, the use of music these fighters for their offensive and defensive skills.

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