Just Cause 3’s E3 gameplay footage now online

Avalanche Studios have sneaked seven minutes of high-explosive Just Cause 3 gameplay footage onto the internet, like the rebels they are.

These narrated seven minutes are pulled from the E3 showfloor presentation and show off the sort of driving, flying, swooping, grappling, shooting, and exploding that you’ll be able to do in the full version. Of particular note are “making a statue slap itself”, “using a jet as a really big bomb”, and “driving through a patch of sunflowers.”

What? The sunflowers are pretty. I like that you can drive through fields of flowers. Stop looking at me like that.

Interestingly, the “Choose Your Own Chaos” series has also been uploaded to YouTube. This takes the same situations, but lets you choose how you want to handle them. For instance, that statue? You can opt to make it slap itself, or you can hurl a car into it, or you can pull it down with the aid of a tractor. You can check out that series below, too.

Just Cause 3 is due out on 1 December. The seven minute trailer is the first video below, and the first Choose Your Own Chaos video is the second.


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