Arisha owns 2 major types of attack including her focus


Arisha owns 2 major types of attack including her focus and spellsword and you will want Vindictus gold. She is often get neat to the opponent because she is a melee heroine. As the majority of your damage coming from Focus, so you must focus on first.

Arisha’s skills are really wonderful in support, evasion, and damage. But she own great attack and great magic damage, she is not good in defense. With her different skill she is able to dodge attacks and attack from her opponents easily. She can also trace a goal and warp to their spot which makes her very risky to an escaping opponents.

Your main skills if the basic attacks damage, you should increase it in order to lvl when you have some spare AP, you will want buy Vindictus gold. For those who handles magic and physical damage, this is an virtual skill which raises your damage output and critical opportunity, so rank it if needed. Defense Mastery skill is significant to invest in. though you get many different dodges and evasion skills, this skill will surely aid you greatly throughout your journey on Vindictus gameplay. Smash Mastery skill will aid you handle large amount of damage and play as a cleave attack for opponents near you.


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