Wow 6.0 Sigil of the Black Hand Makes Blackhand Unlock Directly


Blizzard has announced that Sigil of the Black Hand can unlock the ability to go directly to Blackhand. Meanwhile, many players are busying farming high ilvl items from mini bosses in wow 6.0 Blackrock Foundary. But it seems account ban appears. So it is wise to buy wow gears and items cheap to avoid account being banned.

Sigil of the Black Hand in WOW 6.0 helps you directly kill Blackhand.

Recently, WOW devs revealed on twitter that Sigil of the Black Hand quest is able to unlock the ability to go directly to Blackhand, and the rest of the instance can be done afterwards. It should be joyous news for those who have a low demand of Normal difficulty.
To complete this quest, you will need to kill the end-wing bosses in Blackrock Foundry for 4 times each and gain Ember of the Mountain, Heart of Stone, and Sliver of Iron. They are Blast Furnace, Kromog, and Iron Maidens.
Goraluk Anvilcrack starts the quest. He is found at 87.3, 50.2 inside Blackrock Foundry, just south of the Iron Maidens.
Completing the quest on a higher difficulty also unlocks the Blackhand skip on lower difficulties.

Mini bosses drop ilvl 680 and ilvl 686 items with high rate

After wow 6.0 Blackrock Foundry launched a little while, players found that there was a high drop rate of ilvl 680 and ilvl 686 items to kill mini bosses and mobs. And then the enthusiasm for mini bosses farming is worldwide on Draenor.
However, it seems a round of wow account ban comes with the tide. And some players have received an email to be informed that their wow accounts have been temporarily banned because of in-game violations. So be cautious, everyone! If you are eager for cheap wow gear US, you can buy wow gear with instant delivery at wowtoes, instead of taking such risk.

There will be more and more players crowding to Blackrock Foundry in the near future. Instead of wow account banned because of farming, you can buy wow gear us cheap at Wowtoes in advance.

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