Tuska World Event Comes Out for All Runescape F2P and P2P on June 1

As we reported before, World Event 3 featuring Tuska the mighty beast of Gelinor will hit the shelves in Runescape June 1, 2015. Now, it comes at the expected time. With the general introduction of Tuska, here is a detailed guide about how to join in this RS3 World Event. Are you ready to get involved and win some awesome in-game rewards?

Learn more about Tuska before taking into battle
In the past, Runescape players have had some world events such as the fight against Saradomin&Zamorak, Armadyl and Bandos. The outcome of this was that Saradomin and Armadyl had won the fight against Zamorak and Bandos. When participating in these events you will be rewarded points and have the option to choose some rewards. Don’t miss out because you just may not be able to get them again after the event ends.

The all new Tuska is a Goddess Boar like creature who has attacked Naragun during the God Wars. She had fought Saradomin, making him leave his realm. Tuska is a mindless beast that has managed to attain godhood. Tuska was in a fight with Skargaroth, Guthix used an elder god sword too wound Tuska by stabbing her in the eye and making her blind. She is still alive and soon will be arriving in Gielinor. It is up to all of you to stop her with runescape 3 cheap gold when she enters the world of Geilinor.

Choose one faction to join in this World Event
This world event will have many gods from which you can choose your desired faction when fighting against Tuska. The choices between some of the gods that you can follow are Armadyl, Saradomin, The Godless, and Zamorak. Depending on which faction you choose you and your team will have to work together to win every day as much as possible by getting the most damage of hits on Tuska. When joining a faction you will want to talk to the astronaut wizard. Once you are on the Island you will be given a Giant Gold Spear you are then required to charge the spear full of energy by navigating through Tuska. This energy will allow you to unleash the power by stabbing Tuska in the head and giving you and your faction the power to save the world.

Try to earn rewards with tactics
What’s more, there are many rewards you can earn while enjoying the event this month. Every hour Tuska will spawn lasting 20 minutes within that hour and for the rest of the 40 minutes. There is a variety of activity’s will be available. On Tuska’s back you will be able to kill Tuska parasites and be awarded with Slayer experience without being on a slayer task. Other activity’s that will be available are you will be able to cut down spine scales to gaining woodcutting experience and balance on them for agility experience. Players will be awarded with a new Warpriest Armour, a new ability, a series of emotes and titles.

The best thing about this update is that there are no requirements to play and all Free to Play players can join. That means you will have plenty of chances to get involved with this most outstanding event! You can buy rs3 gold cheap on RSorder if you want for the world event.

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