Runescape Update and Behind The Scenes This May

May is as busy as a bee for both Runescape Gold teams and players. Good news for players that this month’s updates are all about getting the most from your precious game time. Because you are busy in the real world in May.

RS 2015 Road Trip kicked off this May, a collection of exciting tasks are waiting ahead for you to complete throughout the month. It is similar in design to last year, but largely improved thanks to players’ suggestions.

Even with the awesome new grouping system, it is still difficult for RS players to find a group to play minigames. So RS team has created a new way of playing and earning rewards by adding a universal minigame currency called thalers. You can earn it by playing any minigame, but every three days, one will be “spotlighted” to earn five times as many thalers as normal.

Once this launch, Barbarian Assault will be the spotlighted game, with Conquest following soon after. You can spend thalers on existing minigame rewards, silverhawk boots and charges, or even elite clue scrolls and prismatic XP stars.That means even the most obscure games will get their time in the spotlight, giving you an eager group of players to play with.

A new way to pick up loot is on its way and it’s been in the beta for the past month. Thanks to your feedbacks, RS team almost finish implementing it. Improved Looting will be ready for launch later in May. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s an optional feature that allows you to pick up all your loot across a few game squares in two easy clicks.

Solomon’s got a few tricks up his sleeves this month with dyes to customise your outfits and a brand new, limited edition legendary pet called the shadow drake, which is only available for the next few weeks.

Stay tuned, all these updates will launch in this May. Runescape is going to attract your attention.

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