Wow gold from Daily Quest


Daily quest doesn’t need high level wow account character, but for as low as level 10 you’ll be able to do them to get additional WoW gold.
Getting more wow gold from finishing daily quests
The Daily quests are repeatable quest that are optional to be finish once a day. These types of quest have a lot more better wow items rewards and more WoW gold than the ordinary repeatable quests. The players can only get 25 quests per day.

On Stormwind, Orgimmar and some other cities have daily quest that are available for players especially for beginners or low leveled players (This is your chance to get more WoW gold while you’re low leveled). In order to qualify for the daily quest, you need to be level 10 or greater. You must have training in the secondary professions such as cooking and fishing.

You can finish two daily quests in just one day. In order to find the NPC who will give you quests, ask a guard from any main city and find the Cooking and Fishing NPC Trainer. Just complete these two quests while you level up. Once you completed the quest, you will be given a reward that can be sold at the vendor. But you can auction a few items that you may encounter while doing your daily quest to get more WoW gold rather than selling it at the vendor. This items you may encounter are; Elixer of Water Walking, Stranglekelp, Swiftness Potion, and Swim Speed Potion.

As for the Cooking quest, you will receive a Chef’s Award. Using all of Chef’s Award you can earn, you can buy Crate of Tasty meat and Imported Supplies which contains cooking ingredients and Cocoa beans. These items can be sold at the player Auction House to make more WoW gold.

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