Is there a free trial download of FIFA 2009 available for the PC

For the uninformed or unaware, ‘Ultimate Team’ follows on from its successful implementation in 2009. The mode mixes aspects of card collection and in game ability to allow gamers to build their ‘ultimate’ team and squad. The EA Press Release reads

Featuring over 7,500 of the best football stars in the world to choose from, gamers can emulate the way real world coaches and managers build the truly great football teams. Choose how to manage your team focusing on creating one formidable squad, or managing multiple squads to match dynamic requirements for tournaments and competitions. Buy, sell, trade and acquire the biggest stars to build your team. Be strategic and tactical in preparing your squads for the various in game competitions. A completely redesigned chemistry system built around player relationships on the pitch means that managing teams and squads to their full potential is even more critical to success. Take carefully assembled squads into standard tournaments and themed competitions against the most formidable teams from around the world and then out wit and out play them.

The download is available with the option of a free trial on both Sony’s and Microsoft’s online marketplaces, and the full content will cost you 3.99 on PSN or 400 Microsoft Points on LIVE. Put simply, EA

Topic: “FIFA 2009″FIFA 09 is the 2008 installment of Electronic Arts’ FIFA series of football video games. Developed by EA Canada, it is published by Electronic Arts worldwide under the EA Sports label. It was released on 2 October 2008 in Australia, 3 October 2008 in Europe, and 14 October in North America.[3] The N Gage version was released on 18 November 2008.[4][5]

The demo was released on 10 September 2008 for PC[6] and on 11 September 2008 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.[7][8] The PS3 and Xbox 360 demos were identical with the exception of the stadium used with the PS3 featuring the FIWC Stadium and the Xbox 360 version using the new Wembley Stadium. The tagline for the game is “Let’s FIFA 09.”

It has been stated in an interview with game producer David Rutter that there are over 250 improvements in the game.[9]

Among the improvements in the new FIFA are improved responsiveness that allows for quicker release of the ball, greater urgency in off the ball running, a new jostle system that takes into account the strength of the players when going shoulder to shoulder, and subtle animations that enable players to take first time shots.

Another of the edition’s biggest changes is a completely revamped collision system, which calculates speed, weight, and power when the players collide, as each player will have their own individual strength and power statistics depending on their body characteristics.

New goalkeeper technology has also been added which allows for better positioning, better reactions to saves, and faster recovery after a save has been made.

A further improvement from FIFA 08 is the weather and time. Rain and snow matches can be played from Kick off mode, however there are no weather effects in Manager Mode. Games can be played at either day, dusk or night, depending on the stadium choice.

FIFA 09 includes a “10 vs. 10″ “Be a Pro” online game. The game also features user controlled player celebrations, like in UEFA Euro 2008, in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.[10]

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